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GCSE Results Day

Published by St Nicholas' School on Thursday 24th of August 2023

St Nick's girls have done it again!

In a year when the number of top GCSE grades has reduced nationally, our pupils have been immune to this downturn. St Nick's is well known for its strong work ethic, high aspirations and exceptional teachers and these attributes have paid dividends once more.

Dr Wright said, "We are thrilled with the GCSE results and we wish to congratulate our pupils on their fabulous achievements. Everyone has worked really hard and they should all be very proud of themselves today!"

Alongside our year 11 successes, year 10 pupils also took Statistics GCSE. It’s the first time we have offered this course and it has allowed pupils to get an additional GCSE, which means that many pupils will end up with 11 in total next year. The results were phenomenal, especially when you consider that pupils had very little additional tuition for this GCSE and completed most of their learning in just a couple of terms!

25% of St Nick's pupils gained 5 or more GCSEs at grades 8 and 9. Our top 6 highest achievers (Emma W; Jess A; Rozzy T; Georgina B; Natalia P and Ella R) got 34 grade 9s between them!
Almost a third of pupils achieved 10 GCSEs all at the highest grades (7, 8 and 9).
41% of all GCSEs were awarded grades 7-9.
In English Language and Maths, 39% of pupils gained grade 7 or above (an increase of 1% on last year). 94% of our pupils gained GCSE English Language, English Literature and Maths at grade 4 or above.
100% of pupils who took 3 separate sciences passed them all at grade 4 or above. 39% of pupils got grade 7 or above in all three sciences.
In Combined Science, over 95% of pupils passed with a grade 4 or above.
100% of pupils who took GCSEs in History and Geography passed with grades 5 and above. 26% of pupils gained a grade 9.
This year there were language GCSEs taken in French, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese and 100% of these were passed with a grade 4 or above. 48% of pupils gained a grade 8 or 9.
100% of pupils who took PE, Food Technology, Computer Science and Drama gained a 4 or above.
Half of all pupils who took Classical Civilisation or Latin obtained a grade 7 or higher.
100% of pupils who sat Business Studies GCSE gained a grade 5 or above.
In Music, 100% of pupils got a 7 or above.
In Year 10, 97% of pupils got a grade 4 or above in Statistics GCSE and nearly a third were awarded a 7 and above.

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