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Diversity And Inclusion Group

Published by Aldwickbury School on Monday 17th of July 2023

This year we launched our Diversity and Inclusion Group. This is a group of students and staff at Aldwickbury who look at Diversity and Inclusion in the school and across society.

The very first meeting was a success with valuable discussions and Mrs Pendell and Mr Symes were delighted with the number of attendees. The original venue for the meeting was Mr Symes office but due to the high turnout the meeting had to be moved to accommodate all the boys. It was wonderful to see a significant amount of boys eager to get involved with an important cause and make a positive impact in their school community as well as society. The boys worked in groups to discuss special educational needs and created their own Diversity and Inclusion Superheroes.

A couple weeks later the group delivered an assembly on Neurodiversity and emphasised the importance of embracing diversity and how often our differences can be our superpowers. Their superhero-inspired assembly was inspirational and celebrated difference, promoted empathy and encouraged understanding. This assembly served as a powerful reminder of our commitment to nurturing a school community where all our members can be themselves and everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered.


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