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Published by St Nicholas' School on Tuesday 17th of October 2023

Being outside enables our pupils to follow new interests, where they can explore, learn and play with children who share these similar interests.

Last week, pupils looked at the physical characteristics of foxes and how they've adapted to be woodland predators.  From this discussion, the children took part in a listening activity and then found natural items to decorate their own foxes.  The pupils should be proud of themselves, as they always help each other navigate through the woodland terrain.

The pupils were also introduced to new tools, which was very exciting!  After looking at the various seeds and nuts that have fallen from the trees and collecting many conkers, the pupils used a conker clamp and various hand and palm drills to make holes in their conkers.  Conker caterpillars were made, as well as necklaces.

The pupils loved playing with the natural clay sourced from the woods.  After analysing the Year 3's amazing stone age necklaces, the other children wanted to sculpt their own figurines and wands.

Each week we talk about the biodiversity in our woodlands and how we can help to maintain this.  The Nursery pupils made seed bombs by collecting different seeds from the woods, mixing them with squishy mud and sculpting them into an egg-shape ready to plant.

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