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Year 7 Jump Straight In

Published by Windermere School on Wednesday 27th of September 2023

Year 7 arrived at Diamond Crag in Eskdale for their start of this year’s Residential trip.

Mrs Roberts reminded pupils of the correct way to tie in and belay each other and Mr Reedy and Mr Rowe took a team bouldering around the corner. The encouragement and laughter echoing through the valley was just fantastic to hear.

The next day started damp and misty but the cloud lifted to reveal the stunning architecture of the Scafell mountains. The climb up Scafell Pike is a rite of passage for our Year 7, who were in great spirits and enjoyed the stunning views over lunch.

The class then visited the River Esk on the final day of their Residential. The gorge and bridge are an excellent place to learn how to safely jump into cold water; how to avoid cold water shock and safely jump from height.

An excellent end to a very successful Residential, well done to our wonderful Year 7!

Year 7 Jump Straight In - Photo 1Year 7 Jump Straight In - Photo 2Year 7 Jump Straight In - Photo 3
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