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Churcher’s College Expands Solar Panel Initiative

Published by Churcher's College on Friday 1st of December 2023

As part of the Churcher’s College five-year plan to reduce its environmental impact by 2030, the school has unveiled 356 new solar panels on the roof of the school swimming pool. This solar panel array adds to the 48 panels already installed on the roof of the Goodfield Centre building in 2021, making 404 in total.

10 representatives from the school ‘Green Team’ were joined on the swimming pool roof by the Headmaster, Mr Simon Williams, to announce the solar panels officially active.

Mr Williams explained the benefits: “From this new installation alone, in less than two weeks of a cloudy November we have already benefited from over 1.5 MWh of electricity being generated for the school. We estimate the annual output to be 130MWh each year, providing 11% of the school’s electricity needs, avoiding 30 tonnes of CO2 emissions, and saving £36,500 each year. On every level, it is a fantastic green initiative which we plan to expand further in the future.”

The school’s five-year plan includes the installation of solar panels on more roofs along with the continued installation of eco-friendly heat pumps.

Solar panels play a crucial role in the effort towards achieving net zero carbon emissions by providing renewable energy without emitting greenhouse gases. In the UK, solar panels that are tilted at 15 degrees or more benefit from being able to generate electricity even on cloudy days and so make an effective alternative energy source.

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