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Who Am I?

Published by St James Senior Boys' School on Thursday 26th of January 2023

As part of their philosophy lessons, Year 7 have been asking the age old question 'Who am I?' looking into their heritage, finding out their story.

This week George, shared with us the story of his great-grandfather Pat Carmichael. In 1983 Mr Carmichael published his first-hand account serving as part of the Mountain Artillery Battery.

Mountain Battery
The story is of the 23rd Mountain Artillery Battery of the Indian Army, during the four month fighting withdrawal from Burma in 1942, a distance of nearly 1000 miles! This book is Pat’s first-hand account of that withdrawal, and the experiences he went through during that time. Pat was a young British officer who served with the mule - transported Howitzer battery.

There are only two authors who have published accounts of this period of British / Indian history; Pat is the only published author who experienced the fighting and lived to tell the tale. There is even a copy of this book in the National British Army library.

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