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A Walk That Will Never Be Forgotten

Published by St David's College on Wednesday 6th of December 2023

Our houses are ‘Tryfan, Cader and Snowdon’ which are named after three splendid Welsh mountains

During their time at school, each pupil has the opportunity to climb their ‘House Mountain’. This years Snowdon House walk group decided to add an extra element by getting up at 04:45am to climb their peak before sunrise!

Getting up early on a Sunday morning is generally not a well practiced trait of your typical bording student, but this group put in the extra effort and with the help of some loud alarm clocks, we all set off under cover of darkeness. After doing a bit of startgazing, we had a breakfast of hot porridge on the mountainside while watching the sun come over the horizon.

It was a real shared experience, witnessing the light reflecting off the clouds and nearby cliffs and one that will be well remembered. Experiencing ‘awe and wonder’ in the outdoors is often a part of an outdoor education session, but watching the sunrise in the mountains took things to another level!

And to top off a wonderful morning, the final climb to the summit of Snowdon involved making tracks through the first snows of winter! A magical day – (and for some a lovely leg warm-up for this week’s cross counrty race!).

Well done Snowdon House and thanks to Mrs Grove for accompanying us.

Thanks to Ian Martin-Head of Outdoor Education, for his lovely words.

A Walk That Will Never Be Forgotten - Photo 1A Walk That Will Never Be Forgotten - Photo 2A Walk That Will Never Be Forgotten - Photo 3
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