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Published by Edgbaston High School for Girls on Friday 26th of May 2023

As May is mental health awareness month and it has been mental health awareness week, visits to the Discovery Den have enabled the girls in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception to look at feelings, emotions and mindfulness.

Mindfulness quotes were displayed and read to the girls to encourage them to think quietly. Mindfulness mats and play dough were also available for some relaxing play.
The girls made faces using facial features and considered how the different characters were feeling and a sorting emotion activity encouraged the girls to think about the feelings of others too.

In line with Prep Diversity Day, everyone considered how special and unique each of them is and they drew this onto a person shape. They also included considering ways of taking care of themselves.

The 'fizzing emotions' experiment was a favourite activity! Girls decorated a face and stuck it onto a cardboard tube. They then added baking soda, vinegar and food colouring and watched what happened. There were different colours of food colouring to choose from depending on the emotion. Girls also enjoyed reading books about feelings and reading 'The colour monster'.

Finally, the relaxing music playing in the Discovery Den helped to keep everyone relaxed, calm and reflective.

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