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The Sky's The Limit for Nadia

Published by Edgbaston High School for Girls on Friday 27th of October 2023

“You can be anything you want to be as long as you have the drive, determination and dedication to follow your dreams.”

This was the mantra of 2016 alumna Nadia who recently returned to EHS to talk to Senior School pupils about her path to becoming a commercial airline pilot. Her fascination with aviation began when she watched 'Air Crash Investigation' on TV, sparking an interest in aircraft and flight. Despite having no family connections to aviation, she pursued her passion, beginning with a visit to 'Pilot’s Careers Live Heathrow' and an Extended Project Qualification focused on Malaysia Airlines MH370, earning her an A* and 'Best EPQ' award.

As we found out, Nadia’s journey had not been straightforward, and she has had to overcome many obstacles to get where she is today.

“I enrolled in the Avionic Systems with Pilot Studies program at the University of Liverpool, which provided a balanced mix of technical knowledge and hands-on flying experience. I joined the Liverpool University Air Squadron (UAS) in my second year and volunteered at air shows.

“While at university, I secured a position with Thomas Cook's Mentored Pilot Programme, though it was short-lived. Despite this setback, I continued my studies, working on my Final Year Project, 'Finding MH370'. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted my plans to begin pilot school, leading me back to music, and I released my album 'Chords Over Complexity'.

“My pilot training journey officially commenced in Spain, involving rigorous classroom and practical training. I earned my commercial pilot's license and instrument rating in quick succession and honed skills in crew cooperation and simulator training.

“After completing training, I faced Brexit-related complications but eventually obtained my UK License. I worked at Flybe as an Operations Control Centre Controller before the company's collapse. I resiliently found a similar role at Virgin Atlantic, focusing on long-haul flights.

“I completed my ground school exams and released a piano single, 'Relative Bearings,' while also securing a role with easyJet, where I am training to fly the Airbus A320 family. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the field of Air Crash Investigation and uncover the mysteries of MH370.

“I hope my story shows that no matter how many hurdles you face, there is always a way to fly over them, even if this seems impossible. Never let stereotypes deter you from pursuing your dreams. Remain determined, dedicated and driven, always.”

Her assembly left girls inspired both by her determination to work in the traditionally male-dominated aviation industry and her steadfast belief in the power of positivity and perseverance, even in the face of setbacks.

Thank you, Nadia!

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