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Anti-Bullying Week

Published by Wilmslow Preparatory School on Thursday 16th of November 2023

As in previous years, Wilmslow Prep participated in Anti-Bullying Week. The theme this year is ‘Make a Noise About Bullying’, which reflects the aim to come together to stop bullying and to show each other the support we need.

We organised a number of activities such as drama, making posters, comprehension, creating ‘kind hands’ pictures and baking. Discussions were held during PSHE lessons on how to be a kind friend and Key Stage Assemblies also took place during the week.

The children really enjoyed wearing odd socks on Monday, as it gave them an opportunity to show both individuality and empowerment by doing something positive to take a clear stance against the harm and hurt that bullying causes.

Anti-Bullying Week - Photo 1
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