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The Halliford School Production Of Les Misérables School Edition

Published by Halliford School on Wednesday 7th of February 2024

Last week, the John Crook Theatre was filled with the sound of music and applause as students took the stage for their production of the beloved musical Les Misérables School Edition. Based on Victor Hugo’s classic novel, Les Misérables tells the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict who seeks redemption, and the struggles of the working class in 19th-century France.

The production was a showcase of the school’s Drama and Music Departments’ and the talented performers, crew, and band who worked tirelessly to bring this epic story to life. The audience was immediately drawn into the world of Les Misérables as the curtain opened on the set, designed and constructed by the Premises team with the help of the Halliford Art Department.

The stage was transformed into a realistic depiction of the streets of Paris, complete with two rotating staircases that allowed for seamless transitions between scenes. Our thanks to Ms Gilhooly for all her help supplying furniture and props for the barricade and to the Head of DT, Mr Watson, for the brilliant props.

The cast delivered powerful and emotive performances that captured the essence of the characters and the complexities of the story. Laurence in Year 11 was particularly memorable as Jean Valjean, conveying the character’s journey from despair to hope with nuance and depth. Rosanna in Lower Sixth also delivered a standout performance as Fantine, her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream, bringing many in the audience to tears. Josh in Year 9, Elijah in Year 10 and Billy in Year 11 also shone in their roles playing Eponine, Javert and Marius, respectively.

The ensemble cast delivered energetic and passionate performances that kept the audience engaged throughout. Their rendition of One Day More was a highlight of the show, showcasing the impressive vocal abilities of the students and the strong sense of community and camaraderie among the cast. The technical aspects of the production were equally impressive. The lighting design created a moody and evocative atmosphere, while the sound design ensured that every word and note was clearly heard.

The costume design was also noteworthy, accurately capturing the look and feel of 19th-century France. Madame Wain has always excelled in this area with her passion and creativity. Head of Drama, Mr Bruno, commented, “The cast have worked extremely hard on their performances, and we often left the rehearsal space singing sections of the songs. Their hard work and dedication are infectious and make me want to work even harder to make this a success. They have been a joy to work with, and I could not be more pleased with what they have achieved.

” Director of Music, Mr Wright, added, “I was equally excited and nervous when Mr Bruno suggested doing Les Misérables for the school show. Les Misérables is a huge show to take on for a school for many reasons. Not only is it almost entirely sung, with constant music from the orchestra, but the set and costumes are a mammoth task, and some of the roles – in particular Valjean and Cosette – require a huge and extremely high vocal range. I was, however, quietly confident that we had the cast and the staff to pull off such a show. I am immensely grateful to the cast and the orchestra for being a pleasure to work with and for their amazing effort during rehearsals.”

Overall, Halliford’s production of Les Misérables School Edition was a triumph, showcasing our students’ talent, dedication, and passion. It was a night to remember and a testament to the power of live theatre to move and inspire.

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