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History Students' Private Screening Of Napoleon

Published by Churcher's College on Monday 18th of December 2023

Our 57 Upper and Lower Sixth historians enjoyed a private screening of the new ‘Napoleon’ film at the Guildford Odeon.

It was an epic film over two and a half hours long, which started in 1793 with the grisly execution of Marie Antoinette and France in the grip of the Terror. It then charted Napoleon’s rise to power with some stunning shots at the Battle of the Pyramids, his opulent coronation as Emperor and his greatest victory in 1805 at the Battle of Austerlitz.

We then witnessed his downfall with the disastrous Russian campaign and the iconic battle of Waterloo. Much of the film was shot at Hankley Common and Bourne Woods in Surrey as well as Petworth House.

The Upper Sixth were quite cross about some of the historical inaccuracies and a little too much attention about Josephine, but overall it was a fun evening out!

History Students' Private Screening Of Napoleon - Photo 1
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