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From School Slopes To Silver Medals: Lockers Park’s 9-Year-Old Ski Prodigy, Thomas Hanns

Published by Lockers Park School on Tuesday 16th of January 2024

Nestled amid the breathtaking scenery and crisp mountain air, Lockers Park boys have the unique advantage of having a competition-level ski slope right at their doorstep. The thrill of the slopes is a regular part of school life, with many students eagerly participating in weekly ski sessions and the school engaging in the IAPS skiing competition. However, for some, the passion for skiing extends beyond the routine, paving the way for remarkable journeys into competitive skiing.

One such rising star is Thomas Hanns, a Year 5 student at Lockers Park, whose enthusiasm for skiing has taken him to new heights. Thomas recently marked a significant milestone in his skiing journey by participating in his first Grand Slalom competition, showcasing not only his skill on the slopes but also his determination to excel in the world of competitive skiing.

Believe it or not, Thomas has been carving his way through the snow for three years, honing his skills at the renowned Hemel Snow Centre. His dedication has already borne fruit, with podium positions earned in the competitive ERSA league. However, December brought a new and exciting chapter to Thomas’s skiing adventure as he ventured to Helmsedal, Norway, as part of his Alpine training with UNIQsnowsports.

The opportunity to train alongside leading instructors and on world-class facilities proved to be a game-changer for Thomas. The picturesque, long mountain slopes of Helmsedal provided the ideal setting for intensive training, including two days of exhilarating racing between UNIQ and a fellow Alpine squad from Denmark. This unique experience not only pushed Thomas to his limits but also allowed him to refine his technique and further enhance his skiing prowess.

Amidst the challenging races, Thomas emerged as a true contender, securing a silver medal for his age group in Grand Slalom and a gold medal for Slalom. His achievements not only reflect his exceptional talent but also serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work he has invested in mastering the art of competitive skiing.

Lockers Park takes pride in nurturing and supporting the talents of its students, and Thomas Hanns is a shining example of the school’s commitment to excellence. The journey from the school slopes to international competitions is an inspiring one, and Thomas’s success is a source of pride for the entire school community.

As Thomas continues to chase his skiing dreams, Lockers Park eagerly anticipates more achievements and podium finishes for this remarkable Year 5 skiing sensation. Congratulations, Thomas Hanns, on your well-deserved success – may your journey down the slopes continue to be filled with triumphs and exhilarating moments on the snow-covered peaks.

From School Slopes To Silver Medals: Lockers Park’s 9-Year-Old Ski Prodigy, Thomas Hanns - Photo 1
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