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Leighton Park School Triumphs at ISA A Capella Event, Securing Fourth Consecutive Victory

Published by Leighton Park School on Thursday 21st of March 2024

Leighton Park School successfully defended their winning title for the fourth consecutive year in the Independent Schools Association (ISA) A Capella Competition 2024 on Wednesday 6th March. The winning performance of ‘Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine,’ composed by Eric Whitacre, captivated the audience with its powerful and passionate rendition. The group won the Senior Category, after submitting two groups into the competition at this level and a further one into the Middle Category. 

Isi Ruland, Lower Sixth student, shared her excitement on the win: “It was such a
great experience winning and knowing that all the hard effort we put in actually
paid off. I am so grateful that I had the chance to perform with such great singers
and be a part of a great piece of work”.

Leighton Park School proudly hosted seventeen schools from across the nation as
for this year’s exhilarating ISA A Capella Competition on Wednesday 6th March. It
is an honour to again host an invaluable musical event for children’s personal and
educational development. Director of Music and Media, Rosemary Scales, shared
the LP philosophy: "Music is for all, whether that is playing, singing or listening to
it. It not only nourishes the soul; music provides countless opportunities to learn,
perform and grow; requiring persistence and giving a great sense of

One performer in the winning group, Natalia Stevenson (Upper Sixth)
commented: “I think that music has been absolutely crucial to my development
as a student. Going into the music department at school is like stepping into
another world, and I find that having this separate space helps me to focus more
in my other lessons. The staff in the music department have been extremely
welcoming and accommodating and are always willing to try something new or
support something that students want to try. Having this supportive backbone is

The competition featured three distinct categories, tailored to different age
groups: the Junior Category encompassing KS1-2 pupils, the Middle Category
comprising KS3, and the Senior Category highlighting KS4-5. Judges Pascal
Blaschta (actor and freestyle rapper) and Lisa Lynn (singer, actor and improviser)
meticulously evaluated each performance, awarding scores out of sixty based on
criteria including balance and blend, energy, rhythm, dynamics, and intonation.

Spectating the event was renowned actress Hannah Waddingham, most recently
known for her role in ‘Ted Lasso’. Advocating for nurturing young voices, Hannah
commented: “I had to be here because children should be encouraged to sing
from their hearts from an early age. Sing like no-one is listening, dance like no
one is watching! I couldn’t be prouder to be here with this organisation, getting
children to stand up and have their voices heard. It’s absolutely brilliant; I love it”.

Leighton Park School takes immense pride in its status as a Flagship Yamaha
Music Education Partner, the only School in Europe to hold this prestigious
partnership. This partnership provides students with unparalleled access to
instruments, industry-standard recording software, and expert guidance, with
exclusive teaching materials and specialist staff. Additionally, as a Steinburg
Certified Training Centre and a Sontronics Education Partner, students are
supported with musical notation and music production, empowering them to
explore their musical potential to the fullest. Not only this but as a Sontronics
Education Partner, students have access to professional high-end microphones
used by artists such as Adele and Ed Sheeran, with support and training
alongside the use of this equipment.

Leighton Park School Triumphs at ISA A Capella Event, Securing Fourth Consecutive Victory - Photo 1Leighton Park School Triumphs at ISA A Capella Event, Securing Fourth Consecutive Victory - Photo 2Leighton Park School Triumphs at ISA A Capella Event, Securing Fourth Consecutive Victory - Photo 3
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