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Luckley-Oakfield and Holme Grange solves Murder Mystery

Published Tuesday 5th of March 2013 09:05:07 AM

Year 7 pupils from Wokingham's Luckley-Oakfield School and Holme Grange School teamed up for an exciting enrichment day on Thursday 28 February. The event, entitled 'The Chalkwell Murder Mystery' was organised by the all girls' independent school in Luckley Road.

The day involved challenging, but fun activities in English, Maths and Science, which led the pupils to discover the identity of the Chalkwell Murderer. They worked together as Reporters to study the alibis from the four main suspects and created their own 'version of events' in the form of a newspaper report. They then became Detectives and Private Investigators to solve clues with logic puzzles using supporting evidence from the murder case, and then spent a session as Forensic Scientists in the Science Laboratories carrying out experiments on soil and other materials found at the 'crime scene'. The day ended with a performance by three Luckley Year 10 pupils, showing 'what actually happened.'

Mrs Tudor, Headmistress said: 'It was a delight to welcome Holme Grange pupils to Luckley to work with our girls on this fun enrichment day. They all had a fabulous time and worked extremely well together.'

Erin Gibson, Holme Grange pupil said 'I enjoyed meeting the girls at Luckley. It was fun being a detective for the day. I especially enjoyed the forensics investigation!'

Eleanor Steer, Luckley pupil said: 'I enjoyed the problem solving in the maths session the most. It's been good to mix with the Year 7s from Holme Grange.'
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