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Quotations from boys and parents 2013

Published Friday 15th of March 2013 09:30:12 AM

I think that school is my world. Pupil
This is the only school I have ever fitted in to! Pupil

You were there when I needed to learn,
you made sure I wouldn't crash and burn,
you were there when I had a 'stress',
to make sure I didn't turn out a mess Pupil

This is the first school where I have been listened to and staff try to understand me. Pupil

Why can't all schools be like Breck? Pupil

Mainstream school was like being in a box. Breckenbrough is still a box, but the walls have holes and there is no lid. Former Pupil

There are many times when I wish I could tell the present pupils how lucky they are and how Breckenbrough will be in them (for the good) forever. Former Pupil

Thank you for getting my son back for me. Parent

Breckenbrough has been the best thing to happen to our son Parent

He is infinitely happier and less stressed. Parent

I did not think Joe had a future but being at Breck I now know he has Parent

Breckenbrough has given our son the courage to be himself. Parent

He fits in for the first time and is starting to enjoy school. Parent

Breckenbrough has done so much good for my son but the thing that means the most to me is that he has regained a confidence and self-respect taken from him by previous schools. It's a unique place. Parent

(Breck's) Registered Psychologist has been a beacon of guidance and friendship for us and James alike. Parent

We knew when we first set foot in Breckenbrough that we had found a special place where our son might find some happiness and where he might rediscover his curiosity and fascination in learning. And so it has turned out. Why can't all schools be like Breck? (Parents of son now at Cambridge University)

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