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Meet our 'Luckley Pioneers'

Published by Luckley House School on Friday 27th of March 2015

'Meet the Luckley Pioneers'

We would like to introduce to you our 'Luckley Pioneers'

Luckley House School is welcoming boys from September as it moves to coeducation, after 97 years as an all-girls school.

We are delighted that so far we have five boys joining us in Year 7 this September, as well as four so far signed up for Year 12.

On Wednesday 25 March, Omar, Michael and Robert (3 of the 5 starting in Year 7) took part in an activities session at the school. They enjoyed a session on our Adventure Trail in the school woods followed by a climbing session on our indoor climbing wall.

They told us why they chose Luckley and how they felt about joining us in September.

Omar said:
"I chose Luckley House School because it is very good academically, the atmosphere is friendly and the teachers are kind."
"I really like the facilities such as the Music Centre, Library, ICT room and Food Technology Suite."
"I chose Luckley because when I wrote my storyboard I talked about Minecraft and on the interview day I explained all about it to the head teacher .... she suggested that we set up a Minecraft or an App club.
"Michael said:
"Music was the big thing for me, especially the recording studio and drums and the Music teacher was great!'
'I am really looking forward to coming to Luckley as most of my friends are coming too! ICT is awesome!'
"I loved the Latin teacher when I met her, she was so nice!"
"I am going to be a pioneer!"
Robert said:
"Lots of my friends are coming, so I wanted to come too'
Luckley is a small school, which is what I like"
"I am really looking forward to coming to the induction day in June and meeting all of my year group"
'I am really excited to be one of the first boys at Luckley"
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