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Tigers come to train at Oakham!

Published by Oakham School on Wednesday 28th of October 2015

Oakham School’s Doncaster Close was alive with the sound of Tigers as the entire squad came to train on our grounds. Our pitches and facilities are renowned for their quality, and as such are a great training location – even to members of one of the most successful English Rugby Football clubs! Oakham has long enjoyed a strong relationship with the Tigers, thanks to both our close proximity and our history of coaching links. Our Director of Coaching, Ian Smith, is a former Leicester Tigers Captain and coach. Over the last few years many current and ex-Tigers have been over to Oakham to offer coaching sessions with our rugby squads including: George Chuter, Craig Newby, Austin Healey, Brett Deacon, Tosh Askew, Graham Rowntree, and Geordan Murphy, Training at different venues is a great opportunity for both team members and coaches – allowing them the opportunity train out of their comfort zones. The Tigers weren’t all on unfamiliar territory though – the relationship is so strong between the club and the School that an impressive 3 OOs were part of the visiting squad. Tom Croft and Matt Smith, along with team manager Matt Cornwell, were all “delighted” to be back at their old school! It was also a great opportunity for pupils to see the Tigers at Oakham and playing on their ‘turf’ – giving them inspiration that they too could follow in their footsteps.
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