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Primary Schools celebrate Art in the ‘Exhibition of Young Local Artists’ at Warwick School

Published Tuesday 2nd of February 2016 08:16:19 AM

The ‘Exhibition of Young Local Artists’, which is hosted by Warwick School, was established in 1985 and started with just five schools. Thirty-one years on, the exhibition has grown and this year, 17 local primary schools took part. This event brings together local primary schools to celebrate art and showcase young talent. The array and diversity of the pieces exhibited is phenomenal, from ‘The Gingerbread Man’ to ‘The Blitz’; ‘Plasticine People’ to ‘English Country Dream’. There was a wonderful display of work on show and on Saturday 30 January the young artists and their families gathered for a special 'Opening Ceremony'. James Ramsay, Head of Art and Design at Warwick School said, “The show is a superb celebration of all the artistic endeavours of so many different schools. There is such a wide range of colours, materials, processes and thoughts on display, all in one place and it is such a pleasure to see so many distinct approaches by such talented young people. I particularly enjoyed seeing pieces that represented the traditional arts of painting, printing and sculpting alongside art right at the vanguard of graphics software, and even renewable technologies including some models that included mini solar panels to light them up as daytime fades. All this is testament to inspired teaching met by engaging, thoughtful and creative young people. It will be hard to top next year but we will aim to make that our goal!’’
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