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Exciting new Careers Mentoring Scheme hailed a success!

Published by Luckley House School on Friday 4th of March 2016

We have set up a Sixth Form Mentoring Programme, with each student being matched to an Alumni member. ‘The programme gives students the opportunity to form a one-on-one relationship with an Alumni member who will hopefully provide support and tips for further education, preparation for interviews and expand their horizons as they consider career options. Mentoring is a personal, important way to impact a student by becoming an educational and career role model and friend. Mentoring is particularly satisfying when the mentor is able to answer questions and settle the worries of students who are currently in the same position that they were just a few years ago.’ Alumni Co-ordinator Sue Hawkins says: “We spoke with all the students to get an idea of their plans ‘post Luckley, whether that is going to university, taking a gap year, an apprenticeship etc, and also what field they thought they would ideally like to work in. Obviously some of them have no firm ideas, but some were very clear on what they think they want to do. From the list of Alumni who had volunteered to take part in the programme we were then able to match either with someone who had studied the same subject at uni, had chosen a non-uni route, or was in the same career field as the student’s choice. ” The programme will run until the end of Year 13. The students have all made their initial contact with their mentors and are already receiving some excellent feedback, advice and support. All mentors are invited in for the Mentors Lunch in June, as a thank you from the school and a chance to meet their student face-to-face. Any who are not able to attend we will arrange Skype chats with. The programme has been an opportunity for some Alumni who are living overseas to be involved and give something back to the school, as most communication will be by email. Some of the best matches are: Eleanor B, who wants to study Physics, Maths, Science or Engineering at Uni with Lucy whose company are particularly involved in getting girls into studying STEM projects. Ellie B, who wants to do Physiotherapy with Caroline who is Senior Physiothepist at Gloucester Rugby Club Lauren C, who wants to study Psychology with Femke who has her own practise as a Clinical Psychologist. Lottie F, who wants to do Primary Teaching with Louisa Taylor who studied Primary Teaching at Uni and suprisingly enough is now a Primary Teacher! Millie S, who wants to study Opthalmic Dispensing with Duone who is an Optician. Alice T, who wants to study Classics or History with Rhiannon who studied Classics at Uni. We also have an Accountant, Lawyer, Midwife, Paediatric Nurse, Bio-Chemist and lots more.
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