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Spratton Hall came away with two awards at the David Shepherd Global Canvas and Poetry Competition

Published Friday 18th of March 2016 11:45:50 AM

Well done Mrs Moreton, Miss Savage, all the pupils from Years 3-8 and everyone at Spratton Hall who were involved in helping to make this amazing creation. Spratton Hall has won second place in the Global Canvas and Poetry Competition 2016 and also won The David Shepherd Personal Choice Award for the giraffe's head. It is a huge achievement especially as we came first last year. During this January and February pupils throughout Years 3-8 have explored the question: “What are the real wonders of our world?” They shared their thoughts with their peers, focusing on the diversity of the animal kingdom, from the tiny ant to the giant whale. They explored the sense of wonder at the incredible detail evident in each creature, spiritually, morally, socially and creatively; and they considered the impact that the human race has had on them, with some creatures living in danger or even extinct. Pupils were empowered to work on their own, researching animal habitats and images to work from and taking control of the development of the artwork, but they also worked collaboratively in their Forms, to employ and fully exploit their creative skills to express their thoughts and feelings. The research and work culminated in a large canvas which includes their poetry, words and paintings of their favourite animals, and also in the collective building of five large animal heads in ceramics. Spratton Hall were shortlisted earlier in the term against schools from all over the world. A number of teachers and pupils went to the Natural History Museum on 17th March to set up and then present the wonderful creation. To come away with two awards is a quite remarkable achievement.
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