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Malvern St James Wins Well Dressing Competition

Published Friday 17th of June 2011 12:28:09 PM

Year 5 girls recently took part in Malvern's Well Dressing ceremony, the largest event of its type anywhere in the UK. The six girls who worked on the project were very excited to build a design based on the theme of 'togetherness'.

After considering designs based around the Royal Wedding, the girls chose to make a well that reflected the concept of Global togetherness and family, which is a fine reflection of our school's makeup. The design featured two hands of different race, holding the world aloft and decorated with messages about working together. The girls also decorated the World with their interpretations of the different people of the earth.

Finally they created hand prints of world flags, before asking the younger children in the Junior Department to write messages of their own thoughts on the theme, which were written onto ribbons in the school colours and hung across the well.

Astonishingly, the Year 5 girls achieved all of this in a single school day, plus an hour at the well in Westminster Bank to put their work into place. It was admired by many passers-by and won a well-deserved Gold award at the prize giving - a fitting end to their work and a lovely way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon in Priory park!

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