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Mental Health Awareness Week

Published by Warwick School on Tuesday 9th of May 2017

Good mental health is the target of Wellbeing lessons at Warwick School. The teaching of habits to promote good mental health is as important as the teaching of good habits for physical health. Rev Hewitt our WellBeing Coach and Head of the WellBeing programme says, “At Warwick we teach that it is not enough to treat illness, it is not enough to help people get through, we want to see young people thrive – to be happy and successful and have the skills and attitudes that promote happiness.” This week is Mental Health Awareness Week – promoted by The Mental Health Foundation. This year’s theme is: “surviving or thriving?” It is a national initiative to promote positive mental health. Since 2005, globally, mental health problems have been on the rise with 18% more people suffering from depression. Children and Young People in our society have proved to be particularly vulnerable. Warwick School’s programme is about thriving, about building resilience and a positive mental framework that reduces the risk of illness. As Rev Hewitt explains, “Through Years 7 and 8, boys have a programme of lessons to promote good mental habits covering subjects such as personal identity and self-image, sleep ‘hygiene’, mindset, positive goal setting, kindness and gratitude”. In year 10 we teach the skills of Mindfulness and all of these are reinforced throughout the later years.” To live is not just to survive it is to thrive and grow. Our developing programme aims to create resilient young men who can ride the stresses and pressures of modern life.
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