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At Robert Ogden, we want your child to tell us their opinions and views on school life

Published Tuesday 11th of December 2018 11:40:24 AM

Maybe they would like to suggest a piece of equipment they want for the playground or let us know how important community visits and travel training are to them. This is why we have a school parliament. The parliament vote for a class representative. They also vote for a chair person and a secretary who will attend the monthly meetings. The class representatives then feed back subjects for discussion to the parliament members. The Parliament meets twice a term subject to holidays. The dates are published in the events section. The Parliament is also an opportunity for pupils to practise values taught to them as part of the British Values in the curriculum. Over the last year the school parliament have had a major role in securing a new air hockey table, they will also be arranging a food bank collection to help the local food bank at the Salvation army. The parliament have made changes to the enrichment activity timetable by helping to organise more clubs. They have also asked for changes in the way that we deliver the school assembly.
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