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The Royal School

Published Wednesday 16th of January 2019 02:20:49 PM

Located in a leafy suburb of Wolverhampton, The Royal School is conveniently situated between countryside and the UK’s second largest city, Birmingham, giving pupils ample opportunity to experience the rich contrasts of British life. Furthermore, the school is a State Boarding School making it a very attractive option for students from the European Economic Area and European Union. Tuition is free and Boarding costs are £11,900 for the school year of 2018/19. The Royal is a small, cohesive community with a friendly atmosphere for both day pupils and boarders alike. Our strong academic tradition is based upon individual attention and encouragement, as well as excellent pastoral care founded on respect, tolerance and understanding of others. Students achieve their full academic potential, whilst a wide range of extended-day activities is available to develop character and leadership. We prepare pupils for Oxbridge and other top universities while also catering to pupils of all abilities. The School regularly achieves high standards in both A-Level and G.C.S.E. results, particularly in STEM subjects of mathematics and the sciences. The Royal combines traditional values with a modern outlook and a 'real-world' attitude. At the Royal, education is about developing the whole individual.
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