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Mischief Managed for Harry Potter Book Night at Bedford Prep School

Published Thursday 21st of February 2019 10:26:07 AM

With their wands at the ready, the wannabe young wizards at Bedford Prep School were excited to celebrate Harry Potter and all things Hogwarts on Thursday 7 February. Jam-packed with magical activities across the entire day, the boys enjoyed everything from cauldron maths with Professor Snape to creating Hogwarts’ house acrostic chants in lessons. A feast awaited the young wizards as Honeydukes sweet shop popped up in the dining halls with every sweet treat a young wizard could wish for, including popping chocolate frogs and golden snitches, all washed down with yummy butterbeer. In fun sessions after lunch, boys created quill pens and origami monster bookmarks, designed socks for Dobbie the house elf and enjoyed fun quizzes and word searches. A highly entertaining session of Quidditch replaced the boys’ usual afternoon hockey practice. Complete with quaffles, bludgers and even a speedy human snitch who appeared at random, it was a joy to watch and looked even more fun to play! The day of magic and mischief continued after school when the young wizards created marauders maps, golden snitches and quill pencils, took to the ‘sky’ for some flying practice and were sorted into houses by the sorting hat. And what better way to finish Harry Potter Book Night than to read from the books so loved by boys and parents alike. Mischief managed!
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