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Published by Surbiton High School on Tuesday 22nd of May 2012

All ten members of the Surbiton High School Senior Leadership Team really live and breathe 'The Best in Everyone' from developing pupils learning, to parents involvement, staff development and school leadership. This befitting motto is at the forefront of all thinking at a school that is described by ISI Inspectors as one 'brimming with energy and joire de vivre'.

As a team we ensure that our pupils are clearly recognized as individuals whose unique talents are nurtured from their very first day at school to their very last as they leave the Boys' Prep to take up places at prestigious secondary schools and as they leave the Senior Girls' School to embark on courses at top universities in the UK and abroad. Together we ensure that the curriculum is intellectually rigorous, yet enjoyable, tailored expertly for each pupil and enriched with many opportunities for leadership and challenges. Everything the team is designed to seek new opportunities for pupils to think for themselves and question the world around them so that they are happy and stimulated and keen to come to school every day. And it is not just the pupils who benefit from the dedication and innovation of the SLT all our staff are urged to further their own learning through professional development to ensure the school remains at the cutting-edge of educational trends.

Over the last 3 years the Surbiton High School SLT has driven strategic objectives to promote outstanding learning, leadership and values. It worked tirelessly to achieve these aims and has actively engaged with a range of stakeholders in drawing up its strategic development plan. It has consulted with staff and improved links with parents, through starting regular parent forums and events. The SLT has also shown a clear commitment to distributed leadership, empowering middle leaders and wider staff through leadership positions such as Heads of Year and Assistant Heads of Year. In the last year additional appointments to the Middle Leadership Teams have been made and four new appointments to SLT, 11 of which in a competitive process went to internal candidates, continuing professional development coordinator.

The SLT have led on new building work at the Boys' Prep and the Junior Girls' Schools as well as new sports facilities.

As individuals, SLT have also been instrumental in encouraging and leading enrichments projects such as Akenkan (a project to promote literacy in Ghana) and Free the Children as well as new charity initiatives. Over the last year SLT also stimulate entrepreneurial spirit and the success of a Young Enterprise group as second out of 90 companies in 'Best Overall Boardroom', '21st Century Skills', ' Wings of Hope', 'Friendship Hour' and first place in the Junior Young Apprentice.

The SLT has championed the balancing of curriculum with co-curricular to ensure all round success. Surbiton boasts almost 30% of A Level grades at A* and A (The Value added results have also improved and averaged 0.6 last year as well as GCSE and A-Level results). The school are National Gymnastics Champions, British Ski Champions, Borough Netball Champions, Winners of the Siemens Science Challenge and home to two 2012 Olympic Gymnasts. SLT have provided front line support for those requiring both Oxbridge preparation and those who require adapted curriculum to facilitate their top level sporting commitments.

SLT have also worked hard at marketing with Open Events and we are delighted that the numbers of enquiries, registrations and current pupils numbers has increased as we work towards our vision of being the first choice school in South West London.

Surbiton High School has been inspected twice as 'outstanding' in the last year with the acknowledgement that 'The vibrancy of the school owes much to its imaginative and energetic leadership' (ISI Report). Within the body of the report it says, 'The clarity of educational direction provided by leadership and management is reflected in the high quality of the pupils' education and personal development in this cohesive trinity of three schools in one.'
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