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Welcome to www.isbi.com. We have detailed information on more than 3000 independent schools in the UK including British boarding schools, private schools in England and Special needs schools. We feature all the top independent schools in the UK!

Our website is FREE to use for parents and probably offers the most comprehensive search facility for independent schools on the internet today. Our aim is to help you find schools that most closely match your child’s specific requirements. Use our advanced search facility to tailor your search by selecting what is important to you (including location, curriculum, sports, extra-curricular activities, musical instruments taught and more) and shortlist and compare schools that really will suit your child!

You can also view useful advice and information on choosing a private school, scholarships and bursaries and details of organisations that can help you make the best choice of education for your child.

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We also have details of 3000 international independent schools including British International Schools and American International Schools across the world.

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As part of a programme designed to support students looking to continue studies at universities such as Oxford and...
Bedford School Sixth Former, Silas Sanders, has successfully re-auditioned to be a member of the National Youth Choir....
Bedford Prep’s U12 rugby team were jubilant on Sunday 7 October after a superb and determined series of performances...

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October 22 2018

Downsend School
Half term starts

October 25 2018

North Bridge House Senior Canonbury
Senior Canonbury Open Morning at 9.30am

October 30 2018

Leighton Park School
Open Evening 6.00pm - 8.00pm

November 2 2018

Downsend School
Half term ends

November 2 2018

North Bridge House Prep School
Prep School Open Morning at 9am

November 2 2018

North Bridge House Pre-Prep School
Pre-Prep School Guided Tour at 9.30am
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