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The isbi Schools Directory Guide To The Top International Schools And Private Schools in Naples

For anyone planning a move to or within Naples in southern Italy, we have collated information below about different places to live, International schools and private schools (including High schools), property and relocation agents and other information we think useful for relocating to Naples and the surround area.

Offering some of the best living anywhere in Italy, Naples’s famous suburbs include Vomero, Chiala, Santa Lucia and nearby towns include Caserta, Salemo and Benevento.

Naples has a great choice of high quality private international schools and high schools, beautiful nearby countryside, lots of activities and excellent housing - with a fantastic range of different property to call home, from italian mansions and estates, villas and bungalows to new build executive housing, family townhouses and apartments.

"The charming chaos of life in Naples is enticing to all, this pace has attracted many to the city over the years. Relocating to this vibrant city opens endless possibilities for any family. Naples is raw, high-octane energy, a place of soul-stirring art and panoramas, spontaneous conversations and unexpected, inimitable elegance. Welcome to Italy's most unlikely masterpiece." Lonely Planet

Naples is on the western side of Italy, facing outwards to the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s neighbouring cities include Caserta, Salerno and Benevento.

Pizza was invented in Naples! It was first recorded back in the early 19th century and the city even has Pizzafest in June every year!

For more fun facts and figures about Naples, scroll down to our Naples focus page!




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Looking for a prestigious International (private) school in Naples, Italy?

If you are thinking of moving to live in Naples (or you already live in Naples but are considering relocating) and you and your family are researching some of the best International schools and private schools in Naples there is a big choice of high quality Naples schools, with a number of the Naples highest ranking International schools considered to be some of the best in Italy.

The private education sector in and around Naples features day and residential boarding schools, single sex and co-educational (mixed) schools, including leading private nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools and high schools.

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Top International Schools And Private Schools & Colleges In Naples, Italy

Some of the best International schools and private schools and colleges in Naples, Italy providing a top-tier, world-class day and boarding single-sex and mixed education for boys and girls include:​​




Where To Live In Naples, Italy

The most popular suburbs in Naples, Italy and the surrounding area include, with approximate population numbers:

>  Naples (909,100)

Pianura (57,800)

Agnano (1,900),

Soccavo (45,000)

Posillipo and Chiaia (19,500)

Soccavo (45,000)

Arenella and Vomero (48,000)

Northern Naples (10,300)

San Carlo all’Arena (72,600)

Centro Storico (62,600)

Centro Direzionale (8,700)

Zona Industriale (6,200)

Western Naples (9,100)




Naples is a very popular place to live and many people move to Naples each year, or to near Naples and the surrounding area, from around Europe and the rest of the world.

Many of those moving to Naples are seeking a more urban lifestyle, deciding to relocate to the Naples for work and to enjoy the great facilities and leisure amenities, high quality housing and schools, fantastic bars, restaurants, sports and popular cultural events involving art and music available to families living in Naples and the surrounding area.

Ten Things To Know About Naples, Italy

> FACT 1:  Naples is the only Italian city with 24 Michelin star restaurants! So you’re in luck if you’re a foodie… perhaps try the Palazzo Petrucci which boasts panoramic views of the sea!

> FACT 2:  Naples is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! It has been protected since 1955 and you can see why as you walk through the historic centre.

> FACT 3:  Naples is famous for its rich pastries. Why not try a Sfogliatella? Also known as the ‘lobster tail’ it is a crispy pastry made out of multiple layers of thin pastry and is meant to resemble stacked leaves.

> FACT 4:  Naples translates to “New City” in ancient Greek.

> FACT 5:  You can find tuna, amberjacks and baby sharks off the coast of Naples! The gulf of Naples has several fantastic reefs that attracts many different beautiful species.

> FACT 6:  On a clear day you can see Mount Vesuvius from Naples!

> FACT 7:  If you're a fan of fine arts and sculpture from the middle ages, Naples is your city! The Neapolitan Academy of Fine Arts and Museum has an excellent collection that has been curated since it was opened by King Charles VII in 1752.

> FACT 8:  People from Naples are referred to as Neapolitans - or Napoletano in Italian.

> FACT 9:  The port of Naples is one of the busiest hubs in Europe. It’s the 12th busiest port for passengers in Europe - welcoming more than 6.5 million people each year!

> FACT 10:  Naples used to be part of Sicily, the city belonged to the island until 1861 when it joined the Italian Unification movement.

Where To Live In Naples, Italy

Naples and the surrounding area offers a huge choice of high quality, premium and luxury property to meet the needs of any family, whether wanting a townhouse, large apartment, villa, mansion or Italy estate, with or without granny annex, garden or swimming pool. There are also property development and investment opportunities too, with land available to purchase and properties in need of renovation.

From central Naples living to rural, Italy or coast lifestyles, Naples and the surrounding area is full of bustling districts and leafy suburbs, lush green areas, charming estates, vibrant high streets, busy neighbourhoods, friendly residential communities and countryside.

Some of the popular residential areas include:

Vomero Naples, Chiaia Naples, Quartieri Spagnoli Naples, Centro Storico Naples, Rione Sanitá Naples, Santa Lucia Naples, Piazza del Plebiscito Naples, Quartieri Spagnoli

Commuting To And From Naples By Rail Or Road

Relocating to Naples is especially popular with those happy to work from home most of the time but needing to occasionally commute to other places for work.

Others are happy to commute more regularly to Commuter Towns and other locations for work.

Travel times to key destinations by road and rail include:

>  Naples To Rome: Rome is about 220 km by road from Naples via the A1/E45 and driving to the centre of Rome from Naples normally takes under 3 hours 20 minutes. There is a very regular train service to Rome from Naples, with trains taking from 1 hour 20 minutes.

>  Naples To Salerno: Salerno is about 54 km by road from Naples via the A3 and driving to the centre of Salerno from Naples normally takes under 50 minutes. There is a very regular train service to Salerno from Naples, with trains taking around 1 hour 10 minutes.

>  Naples To Caserta: Caserta is about 30 km by road from Naples via the A1/E45 and driving to the centre of Caserta from Naples normally takes under 50 minutes. There is a very regular train service to Caserta from Naples, with trains taking from 50 minutes.



Nearest Airports To Naples, Italy

The nearest airport to Naples is Naples (NAP) which is 3 km from Naples. Other nearby airports include Rome Ciampino (CIA) (under 175 km) and Rome (FCO) (200 km),




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