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The Solar System Comes to Culford

Pupils from schools across the mid-Suffolk region came to Culford for a space and astronomy workshop, on Monday 9 January.

As a member of the Ogden Trust, a trust organisation set up to promote physics education in schools, Culford hosted the event which was run by a team from the University of Hertfordshire’s astro-physics department.

Pupils had the opportunity to go inside a planetarium, look at rocks from space and investigate thermal imaging and digital signals, as well as listen to a talk on the expanding universe.

Josh Fox, Head of Physics said, “Allowing pupils an insight into A level Physics in a familiar context, whilst exploring cross-curricular links with a subject rarely put together with physics, is invaluable in expanding pupils’ views of their education as a whole.”

A great day was had by all pupils.
Published: January 30 2017

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