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Year 3 Explore How Chocolate Is Made At Cadbury World

On Wednesday 3 October, Year 3 visited Cadbury World in Birmingham for a fun day looking at the production of chocolate.

The pupils have written some of their favourite moments from the trip below:

“I liked the 4D cinema because I loved it when the chairs went moving and it was like we were on a roller coaster.” – Mieke

“I liked the bit when we went in a wobbly lift.” – Mehmet

“We all got chocolate at the end of the trip.” – Finley

“I enjoyed learning how chocolate is harvested.” – Iris

“I liked knowing I had chocolate bars to look forward to on the way back!” – Ernest

“My favourite part was the tempering machine.” – Bethany

“It was fun writing my name in chocolate.” – Matthew and Lucas

“I loved the Freddo and friends treasure hunt.” – Charlie

“I liked the workshop where we learnt about the history of Cadbury.” – Eleanor

“My favourite part was trying the melted chocolate with sweets in it.” – Thea

“My favourite part of the trip was going up in the lift. Mr Parrot broke it and the whole lift shook.” – George
Published: October 9 2019

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