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ACS Cobham hosts ECIS Technology Conference 2013

Published Friday 22nd of March 2013 11:29:32 AM

Delegates explored the future of IT in the classroom at ECIS Technology Conference 2013, hosted by ACS International Schools at its Cobham campus.

Over 550 international teachers, educational leaders and IT experts discussed the role and effective integration of IT in the 21st century classroom at the European Council of International Schools Technology Conference 2013 last weekend.

Marc Prensky, founder of Spree Games, argued that educators are only now discovering the power of online networks and today's iGeneration, those born in the internet age. He urged delegates to accept the reality that digital and virtual content will only accelerate the need for change. Controversially he argued that today's children cannot get enough screen time, in much the same way as previous generations read books, challenging delegates to consider these learning platforms with equal approval. Jeff Utecht, a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer and keynote speaker, rallied delegates to treat students as digital citizens and equip them for a more open society which has been created through information shared over the internet.

Similarly, Julie Lindsey a global educator and creator of the Flat Classroom project, one without walls and open to the world, explained that there were three key ingredients to becoming a truly 'flat classroom'. Firstly, teachers must encourage students to embrace technology and use it to connect with other learners. Secondly, students should be taught to become good online learners with knowledge of different digital tools, and finally, be able to use these tools to collaborate with other students over the web.

Chandran Nair, CEO and Founder of the Global Institute For Tomorrow, a pan-Asian globalisation think tank, made an impassioned presentation, to an enthralled audience, sharing his vision of a world where the basic requirements of humanity are not surpassed by the consumption of the wealthy. Teachers and staff from all four ACS International Schools also led workshops during the packed conference schedule.

ACS Cobham's student volunteers, part of the conference's 'iGeneration', were on hand to demonstrate how they utilise technology in their learning and develop digital citizenship skills, following the school's recent introduction of its one-to-one iPad programme.

Tony Eysele, Head of ACS Cobham, commented:
'The ECIS Tech Conference 2013 provided an ideal platform for teachers, educational practitioners and industry experts to explore the future use of mobile technology in and outside of the classroom. We want delegates to think beyond the accepted practices and to develop more innovative and instinctive ways of integrating technology across the curriculum. Only then can we provide education which supports and enhances the skills and inclinations of iGeneration students.'
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