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New student leaders elected at Guardian Convention

Published Wednesday 3rd of April 2013 11:46:56 AM

The annual changing of the Guard(ian) has come around at Cobham yet again, with Guardian Convention on Friday 1st March issuing in a new set of student leaders for the next academic year.
New Guardian Isla, and her Deputy, Regina, as elected by the entire student and staff body both professed to being very nervous before speaking in front of the school as part of their candidacy, but Regina, in particular, was determined to give a performance that would be remembered.
'Isla and I we wanted to be different,' she said before explaining that the inspiration for her speech part rap, part rhyme and part all-out song came from a myriad of different musical influences including Drake, Hannah Montana, Bruno Mars and High School Musical (yes the Disney Channel generation have grown up!).
Isla, who gave an impassioned speech, along with the other two candidates for Guardian, also had to field some rather challenging questions from the audience, including being examined on the differences between being a Guardian rather than a Head Girl, who inspires her and what she would tell a prospective parent about the school.
On the subject of why they ran for their positions, both girls have a somewhat benevolent outlook on a school they feel has given them many things.
'I have been here a long time this is my sixth year and I felt like it was something I could give back to the community,' said Isla, while Regina sites a newfound confidence as one of her motivating factors.
'I wanted to give back to school because the school did give me a lot of confidence,' she said.
'For example Maths. I used to be terrible at it. My teachers [at previous schools] would always give up on me. Mr Pattison was always like, 'No, you can do it! Just focus.' Then I got an A in my GCSE. The school gave me confidence that I could do more than just adding and subtraction.'
Meanwhile, Emma, who has been elected the Round Square Deputy Guardian, and having been to the most recent Round Square International Conference in South Africa last October, was passionate about her reasons for putting herself forward for the job of the school's Round Square student representative.
'I really love the opportunities it [Round Square] has to offer. Recently I went to South Africa and hope to go to Canada in the summer [for a Round Square International Service Project]. I just think it's an organisation that everyone should take advantage of and give it a go,' she said.
And while the existing Guardian Chloe is relinquishing her position as her International Baccalaureate examinations draw nearer, she also had a part to play in the Convention, wishing all candidates well, reflecting on her year in the job and offering encouragement to girls as she prepares to leave school behind.
'I strongly believe that 'winning' does not merely mean victory or medals, it means 'having a go'. The School encourages us 'To be the best that we can be', which is driven by our motto 'there is more in you than you think' so don't just 'take part' win; have a go; make yourself proud.'
House Captains for Clifton and Richmond were elected during the Convention Sophie and Aisha respectively were chosen by the girls in their House while new Darnley House Captain Clara and Lenox House Captain Noemie were elected the following week, after all initial candidates for these positions were given other posts on the Student Leadership Team.
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