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Published Thursday 25th of April 2013 11:41:13 AM

* As a parent of a Charlotte House girl for nine years (2 years in Nursery), I could wax lyrical about our families experiences. From the first tour of the pre prep department with homemade biscuits, to the outstanding support we received at secondary school transfer and all the wonderful friends made along the way. We experienced a true sense of belonging and being involved in the Charlotte House community. Those special years have spoilt us, because we all feel it is unlikely that we will ever match the uniqueness at 88 The Drive. Our daughter went from a very timid and shy toddler in pre prep, to a sporty outgoing young lady at transfer time. The ethos of the school suited the whole family, and nothing was too much trouble for the teachers and support staff, who made their early years so enjoyable. I am a veteran of three headmistresses. All very different, but with the same belief that each child should be encouraged to achieve their very best. At times like this I wish my education had been as comprehensive and expressive. The PNEU ethos is a very positive way for your daughters to learn and find wonder in the World.

Charlotte House Preparatory School for Girls

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