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Published Friday 26th of April 2013 11:27:57 AM

Over fifty students from ACS Hillingdon presented at the Personal Project exhibition, celebrating the final year of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP)
The Personal Project, which marks the end of the MYP, is a unit of study completed by students aged 15/16. It showcases all the skills and learning pupils have developed throughout the programme. Each project is unique as it is individually designed and inspired by the student's own passion and interests.

This is the second year that ACS Hillingdon students completed the Personal Project and exhibited to teachers, family and friends. Increasingly student projects are inspired by technology with many using websites, personal blogs and e-books to present their work.

Students are required to document their Personal Project journey and draw upon all the skills they have learnt through the five years of the MYP in the form of a process journal. In addition, they also write a reflective report detailing what they achieved and what new skills they learnt. All of the students' work was displayed at the Personal Project exhibition held at ACS Hillingdon.

Mia LaPine, aged 16, displayed a series of her own artworks which emulated Frida Kahlo for her Personal Project. She explained the inspiration behind her project:
'I have been fascinated with Frida Kahlo's work ever since I saw 'La Columna Rota' and I was able to identify a connection with my own artistic style. When I finished my paintings, it felt euphoric and being able to present my finished collection was really satisfying.'
Caleb Gerber, aged 16, who used JavaScript and HTML to programme a personalised news website for his Personal Project, commented on his experience:

'I'm really interested in a career in technology and decided to use my personal project as an opportunity to expand my programming skills by building a personalised news website. My favourite part of the project was the exhibition as I really enjoyed showing my final product to a captivated audience.'

Catherine Mulvenna, MYP Personal Project co-ordinator, commented on the exhibition:

'The personal project is a huge undertaking by Grade 10 and the work displayed on the exhibition evening was outstanding. Students have worked incredibly hard over the last six months on each of their projects and I am so proud of each of their accomplishments. A huge congratulations to every student.'
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