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Published Wednesday 24th of July 2013 12:39:55 PM

American students travel to Cobham as part of this year's British Summer Studies Programme

Nineteen students from across America, are currently spending two weeks in and around London (between 23rdrd June and 6th July 2013) as part of the 2013 ACS International School British Summer Studies Programme (BSSP). Whilst boarding at ACS Cobham International School, students will explore the lasting impact of British culture, visiting various sites of cultural and historical interest.

The American BSSP students soaking up British history at Westminster Abbey

For the majority of students, this is the first time they have ever travelled overseas, after being awarded scholarships to attend the summer programme by the British American Business Council (BABC), and ACS International Schools. Now entering its seventeenth year, the BSSP is part of a long-standing commitment to rewarding academically gifted and deserving students by offering them both culturally and academically enriching opportunities.

Participating students were selected after submitting a 1,000 word essay on an aspect of British culture they admire, or a British icon they would most like to meet. North Carolina student, Mackie Raymond, chose the Queen and the British monarchy for her subject after being inspired by the Queen's constant presence as a global figure despite the many changes that have taken place during her reign.

Students are visiting historic sites in and around London, including the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Shakespeare's Globe.

North Carolina student Kaitlyn McCreary, aged 17, commented:

'I am really looking forward to visiting all the sights in London and learn about the rich history of the city. British culture has had a dramatic impact on the United States, not just giving us a common language, but similarities in art, music, and history, and I am excited to see where it all started.'

Craig Worthington, academic dean at ACS Cobham and British Summer Studies Program Director, added:

'The programme really helps students explore, develop and gain a lifelong appreciation of the lasting impact of British culture. I really enjoy seeing the students' reactions to visiting sites of cultural and historic significance they have always wanted to see, and watch as their perceptions, knowledge and appreciation of British culture grows over the two weeks.

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