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Amazing new food service at Gordon's

Published Thursday 26th of September 2013 03:04:33 PM

Food Glorious Food!

At Gordon's we understand the importance of a healthy, balanced diet for students.

It is our priority to ensure each student, regardless of their food preferences, can enjoy a variety of freshly prepared meal options every mealtime. A day in the life of a Gordon's student is a very busy and active one, so our aim is to provide a menu which can fuel productivity and enhance concentration.

Many exciting changes have taken place during the summer months. Not only has the dining hall had a brand new makeover, but we are now able to offer a new improved range of menus.

The new menus will be produced using, where possible, locally sourced, sustainable fresh ingredients prepared on site by our dedicated catering team.

Food will be produced using batch cooking methods and on a 'just in time' basis meaning that minimal hot-holding of prepared food ensures that the highest quality food will be served.

Menus will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to avoid menu fatigue and to allow seasonal produce to be sourced and utilised offering a more flexible and diverse service of meals for our day and boarding pupils.

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