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What our pupils have to say

Published Thursday 10th of October 2013 12:21:29 PM

'When I joined RSD's boarding community I didn't know what to expect but soon I discovered it's not a community, it's a family. We all stick together to making living with each other pleasurable. Within boarding there are people of different nationalities and you learn to respect others and to be open minded about their beliefs, which is important later on for life at University. In boarding you are taught to be independent in your work ethic. The Boarding Department always leaves one thing out when they are advertising themselves because I have only been there for a term and I have gained a collection of valuable memories which cannot be forgotten.' Year 13 Pupil

I have achieved a sense of independence that will remain with me for the rest of my life. In boarding we are like one big family. We are served three good meals daily and cared for extremely well by our boarding teachers and matrons as well as the kitchen staff and cleaners who feed us and keep our dormitories tidy and the laundry running. When I first came into boarding I was pleasantly surprised by our spacious dormitory and the sense of cosiness in the entire boarding area. The best part of boarding is having the opportunity to meet lots of new friends from other parts of the world, and having a wider choice of extra-curricular activities as we are always in school. Year 12 Pupil
Living in the Boarding Department of the RSD community you'll be able to make choices that matter and take responsibility for yourself, having a lot of fun and form long-lasting friendships. Imagine living in a house with a bunch of your best friends. It's common in boarding at RSD for your dorm mates to become your closest friends and support network. The friendships that you make in this environment will be ones you will remember for life. Year 12 Pupil

Boarding has been exceptionally good so far. Everyone has been very warm and kind. I have made a lot of new friends at RSD. I think boarding at RSD is like a sleepover that lasts for a hundred days, it is so enjoyable that I sometimes forget I'm at school! During the weekends we can go to McDonalds or the cinema with our friends and have a break or sometimes we just play basketball or badminton in the Sports Hall. What I like about boarding is that you can meet new people every year and make new friends, and because you can have fun with them. Year 10 Pupil
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