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Schoolgirls investigate the science of walking on custard

Published Thursday 13th of March 2014 12:00:51 PM

Young scientists from Sherborne Girls are at it again. First they gained national recognition when they cracked an experiment to find the optimum time to boil an egg, now as part of British Science Association's Demo Day, they hope to create a stir for a second time when they investigate the science of walking on custard.

The experiment, which will take place on March 20 at Sherborne Girls, will be led by a team of students, who will dip into the world of custard and cornflour to celebrate National Science and Engineering Week.

Katy Smith, Head of Physics, says: 'The idea of Demo Day is to get students across the UK involved in a wave of inspiring science demonstrations, and our girls wanted to try something that that was fun but also had a practical application and serious science behind it.

'Unlike water, custard is a non-Newtonian liquid so in theory it is possible to walk on a swimming pool of custard. Next week the girls will be investigating the inherent qualities of cornflour and putting the theory to the test for themselves when they walk across a custard-filled paddling pool in bare feet. They are used to challenging themselves and pushing the boundaries so everyone's very excited to find out how they get on!'

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