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ACS students join local musicians for performance of Michael Omer's new composition.

Published Wednesday 9th of April 2014 10:37:40 AM

Students from ACS Cobham and ACS Hillingdon performed Michael Omer's new composition 'Under a Different Sky' at St John's Church in Hillingdon.

'Under a Different Sky' was especially commissioned from Michael by ACS Schools and was originally performed in the ACS Cobham whole school spring concert in early March. The piece was partly inspired by the sonnet 'High Flight' by John Gillespie Magee, who was a teenage Spitfire pilot who died tragically in 1941.

Michael Omer, a well-known composer and performer who writes a wide range of music for television, film, theatre and concert halls, commented on the composition:

'The piece crosses time, to contrast the past, present, and future skies above our fragile planet - reflecting in turn on a time of war, our current times, and the wonderful world of possibilities that is our future.'

ACS Choirs also sung alongside the Jazzbridge ensemble from Brunel University.
Students from ACS Cobham and ACS Hillingdon have been working alongside Michael in rehearsals and as a result of this process, students have developed a better understanding of how a piece of music is created.

Michael has also been running extra curricular sessions with students over the last few months as part of his role as Artist in Residence, on what it means to be a composer in today's world, using examples of his work to illustrate his talks.

He added:

'It has been a joy to work alongside students and staff at ACS who have used all their creativity and musicality to make this piece a success. We wanted to acknowledge the 100th anniversary of the Great War, whilst at the same time looking forward optimistically to what the future may hold for all our students!'
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