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Oakham students on the world stage

Published by Oakham School on Friday 27th of June 2014

Seven Oakhamians have returned from the Alkmaar International Model United Nations conference held in Alkmaar, Holland.

The MUN conference allows students to step into the shoes of ambassadors of UN member states, from Afganistan to Zimbabwe, to debate the current issues. The students, better known as delegates at the conference, prepare positions and speeches, plot strategies, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, debate and seek to resolve conflicts.

Oakham students were representing South Korea and were led by their ambassador, Thomas Worden, who made a confident and inspiring speech at the opening ceremony. Scenarios within MUN allow conference delegates to gain a unique understanding of present national and international issues, and further develop their ability to respond to these dynamic situations. From conducting initial research and the writing of resolutions, to effectively representing and defending these views, students will be challenged to negotiate, empathise, and compromise.

Head of Politics and MUN Director Laurence Ward commented that the conference 'allows students to combine the academic challenge of MUN with an opportunity for getting to meet other like-minded people from around the world. The Model United Nations activity is a challenging and enjoyable experience.'

Oakham School has a long history of taking part in MUN. In the past, students have attended conferences in Turkey, Holland, Russia, Ireland and London. They have represented a wide range of countries including Israel, Egypt, Cuba, Japan, Nigeria, India,
Slovakia, Morocco, Guatemala and Mexico.
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