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Jon Edgar and Spratton Hall

Published by Spratton Hall on Wednesday 5th of November 2014

Spratton Hall's Year 7s have had an amazing opportunity to work with Jon Edgar, a British sculptor of the Frink School. Mr Edgar is renown for his clay portrait sketches. For the past seven years, Spratton Hall Year 7 pupils have produced a clay head in their art classes. This year Mr Edgar came to school to show the pupils how to record the correct proportions of the head. The pupils had 1 hour 45 minutes to produce a clay head by observing the head and neck of the sitter and making a smaller than life size portrait in red terracotta by gradually adding clay to a 'head peg' armature. It was an incredibly informative day for the pupils and Mr Edgar enjoyed returning to Northamptonshire having spent time in the county in the 90's working on the countryside management and landscape project on the Brampton Valley Way.
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