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Jon Edgar and Spratton Hall

Published Wednesday 5th of November 2014 12:26:35 PM

Spratton Hall�s Year 7s have had an amazing opportunity to work with Jon Edgar, a British sculptor of the Frink School. Mr Edgar is renown for his clay portrait sketches. For the past seven years, Spratton Hall Year 7 pupils have produced a clay head in their art classes. This year Mr Edgar came to school to show the pupils how to record the correct proportions of the head. The pupils had 1 hour 45 minutes to produce a clay head by observing the head and neck of the sitter and making a smaller than life size portrait in red terracotta by gradually adding clay to a �head peg� armature. It was an incredibly informative day for the pupils and Mr Edgar enjoyed returning to Northamptonshire having spent time in the county in the 90�s working on the countryside management and landscape project on the Brampton Valley Way.
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