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Chafyn Grove goes Supersonic

Published Tuesday 3rd of February 2015 09:48:49 AM

Ian Glover from the Bloodhound SSC project came in to work with the children at Chafyn Grove as they held a supersonic science day. He got the day off to a rocketing start with a talk in which he explained the aim to reach 1000 mph in this Bristol built triumph of engineering, a speed that would blast past the 763mph land speed record set in 1997 also by a British car. He explained some of the science behind the pressures caused by high speed travel.

The children then spent the day on a range of activities including constructing and racing their own balloon cars, testing the aerodynamics of various designs and carrying out experiments to test the hardness and therefore the suitability of different surfaces for racing.

Chafyn was certainly inspired to follow the progress of the Bloodhound car as it goes through its final stages of development and some pupils now have their eyes on a future in engineering

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