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St John's Year 3 Go Underground

Published Friday 27th of February 2015 11:47:50 AM

Year 3 spent a fantastic morning at 'Big Pit' in Blaenavon, as part of their topic 'The Iron Man'. This also links into our Science work exploring rocks and soils. We were greeted by ex-miners Wayne and Smithy who decked us out in hard hats with head lamps to enable us to see underground. Everyone was a little apprehensive when we entered the cage to travel ninety metres down the mineshaft. The cage shook and rumbled as we waited with baited breath to reach the bottom. Thankfully, the mine was well lit by our head lamps and our guides put us all at ease, telling us interesting facts about what life was like as a miner in the past and in more modern times. It was a dangerous job and even children and horses worked in the mines in Victorian times. Or guides commented on how well behaved and polite our children were during the visit. They were a credit to their parents and to St John's. What a fantastic day out we all had.

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