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Literary giants delight students at ACS Cobham

Published Wednesday 4th of March 2015 12:38:59 PM

Renowned literary giants Beverley Naidoo and Niall de Burca both visited ACS Cobham International School last month, delivering inspirational literary workshops to students of all ages.

Award-winning children's author Beverley Naidoo delivered a special presentation to ACS Cobham Middle School students about 'The Other Side of the Truth', the novel that won her the Carnegie Medal.

All sixth grade students attended the presentation about 'The Other Side of the Truth', a fictional text that they are currently studying based on two refugee students smuggled to London. During the workshop, Beverley Naidoo used role-play to take on various character roles from the novel, enabling the students to understand the text on a deeper level and encouraging them to engage with the tool of characterisation.

Heather Martin, Middle School Language Arts Teacher at ACS Cobham, commented:

'I was extremely excited that the students got to meet the author of the novel they are studying in class, especially one as powerful as The Other Side of Truth. First hand encounters by students with authors, such as Beverley, always inspire them to try their own hand at creative writing and enjoy reading.'

ACS Cobham also welcomed world-renowned Irish story-teller Niall de Burca this month to deliver a series of captivating storytelling performances and workshops.
Internationally recognised for his energetic and animated style of storytelling, he performed traditional Irish folk tales, as well as fairy tales from other cultures, to Cobham students aged between two and 13.

His performances inspired both the teachers and students, demonstrating the cultural importance of storytelling. Pupils also participated in storytelling and performance workshops throughout the two-day visit, allowing them to discuss ideas with Niall and work interactively with him.

For 7th and 8th grade students who are currently studying Shakespeare, Niall delivered a performance about Shakespeare's life and works, bringing the curriculum to life and providing an invaluable insight to the texts. In particular, Niall discussed the underlying folk themes in Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and the Taming of the Shrew.

Middle School Librarian, Anne Hollyfield, commented:

'We adore hosting Niall de Burca each year. He is a phenomenal and gripping performer, and always inspires our students.'

ACS Hillingdon also welcomed Niall recently to perform to students after last year's highly successful visit.
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