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ACS Egham sings in a concert for children's cancer charity

Published Thursday 12th of March 2015 11:24:28 AM

ACS Egham recently took part in a fundraising concert that brought over 20 choirs from different schools together to sing for CLIC Sargent, a charity for children with cancer.

Over a hundred ACS Egham students, aged ten to fourteen, were involved in the concert.

The concert, which was held at the Royal Albert Hall, was conducted by David Lawrence, Principal Conductor of Young Voices and conductor of the BBC's Songs of Praise.

Irina Walters, Music Coordinator at ACS Egham International School, is proud that her students took part:

'It is wonderful to hear a magnificent hall full of voices in song, and to have the privilege of being part of a concert that brings so many schools together. It is always exciting to take part in an event of such calibre. It gives us great pride when our school is named, when we fly our banner, and when we see our school's name in the programme.'

CLIC Sargent is a charity that provides support to children suffering from cancer and their families, along with clinical support, information, accommodation close to hospitals and short breaks away, as well as other emotional and practical support.
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