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Guys and Dolls - A great performance from King Edward's Witley!

Published Thursday 26th of March 2015 10:46:12 AM

Guys and Dolls is a series of sharp comic sketches that dissolve into great song and dance numbers, the plot dividing between the men chancer Nathan Detroit and high-roller Sky Masterson and the women: showgirl Miss Adelaide, Nathan's fiancé for 14 long years, and Sarah Brown, the prim and proper Salvation Army sergeant who, in one of numerous narrative and lyrical overlaps between the main topics of gambling and romance, Nathan bets Sky he can't seduce.

Involving more than 50 youngsters and with so many highly talented actors, the major roles were shared over the three nights run and both crews certainly did not disappoint; the production was framed by simple stage set supported by note perfect orchestra, with snappy sound and lighting backdrops.
There were solid performances from Charles Brandon / Timothy Nott as prolific gambler Nathan Detroit, eclipsed by the incredible Simona Cutifani in her poignant portrayal of Adelaide, Nathan's longsuffering 'doll' her charm and charisma, not to mention powerhouse singing voice that blended like melted chocolate, oozed and held the audience's absolute attention throughout.

Cameo mentions must go to Remi Trovo's comic brilliance as Rusty Charley, with his Buster Keaton style 'running man' that had us all in fits of laughter and sheer exuberance along with the whole crew, who put in a cracking Broadway style choreographic 'Luck be a lady' that had us on the edge of our seats and humming all the way to the car park. So many great songs especially 'Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat', lead by Nicely-Nicely Johnson of Harrison Martin / Felix Rockhill, again showcased the brilliant 'guys' group numbers.

Leads Ella Garrett and James Wood / Ed Kernick complemented each other exquisitely, both vocally and emotionally, as the prim Salvation Army sergeant Sarah Brown and gambler Sky Masterson, who view it as a great inconvenience to find themselves so suddenly and completely smitten with each other. We're with them, breath held where necessary, on every faltering step of their journey towards happiness. Masterson says he'll know his true love when the 'chemistry' is right - James Wood / Ella Garrett's emotional duets surely proved they'd been particularly attentive in their 'chemistry' lessons!

A brilliant King Edward's Witley collaboration, well done to James Langan (Theatrical Director) and Stasio Sliwka (Music Director) for providing a polished production.
By Sharon Gleave KESPA (Parent's Association) Secretary
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