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St. John's on-the-Hill set new fundraising record for JDRL

Published Thursday 14th of May 2015 04:12:36 PM

St. John's on-the-Hill school held a Charity Day to raise money for JDRF, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a charity that is dedicated to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

For the event, children got to dress up as anything beginning with the letters J, D, R or F. The pupils and staff displayed a wide range of costumes from 'Frenchie' off Grease, James Bond, Dinosaurs and Farmers. It was fantastic to see the effort made by so many of the children.

Students were encouraged to bring in coins from home to create a varied display of copper, silver and gold. This coin challenge was a huge success, contributing a good proportion of the total money raised. At break time there was a very popular cake and sweet sale, which was a complete sell-out.

To finish the day's events, St. John's held their very first inter-house, gladiator duel competition which everybody loved. Dean House was victorious, but everyone who took part gave a valiant effort. There was even time for teachers to take to the platform and give some entertaining performances.

Wye House would like to thank the rest of the school for helping them raise £935.23 for JDRF. A brand new school record!

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