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iPad therefore I am

Published Wednesday 22nd of July 2015 02:25:03 PM

Students at ACS Egham recently held Discover Egham iPad Day, a day of student-led interactive workshops for 40 parents who attended to find out how technology can be used in the classroom. The 100 Lower School, Middle School and High School students showcased various apps, such as Book Creator, Chatterpix, and Puppet Pals. They demonstrated how the apps are used, what benefits they have and how technology can enrich their learning experience by bringing a subject to life. Book Creator is a book-making app, which can be used to create anything from text shots to insert into an iMovie, a Math reference dictionary, or a book on 3D shapes. Arman, member of the Geek Squad, an extra- curricular club for students interested in technology, sat with another student’s grandfather during iPad day and they made a book together, about one another. Chatterpix allows you to take a picture of anything, draw a mouth on it and make it look like it is talking. Students aged 5-6 years explained that they have used this app to take pictures of the playground equipment and make it "talk" about the rules for use, for example, the slide: "one person at a time and always feet first." Puppet Pals is a puppet-show app that allows students to create puppets and backdrops. Students aged 6-7 years explained that in class they took pictures of themselves dressed as community helpers, then introduced themselves and explained their job roles in French or Spanish. Students also created an iPad band, using the sounds of drums, piano, and guitar to play ‘Yellow Submarine’. Additionally, Lower School students who attend Coding Club demonstrated how to programme and control robotic toys with their iPads. Cary Hart, Lower School IT Integrationist at ACS Egham, commented: “At ACS Egham, teachers ensure that technology is integrated into classroom teaching, predominantly through the one-to-one iPad programme. We have seen no end of the benefits to this integration in terms of student engagement and progression.”
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