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A Showcase of Musical Talent at the Culford Strings Festival

Published Tuesday 13th of October 2015 10:49:18 AM

More than 50 pupils from Culford Prep, South Lee, Barnardiston Hall, Moreton Hall and Town Close schools gathered together at Culford for a day of music at the school’s Strings Festival, hosted by celebrated violinist Steve Bingham. The day started in spectacular style, with Steve’s fast paced demonstration on his electric violin and the effects he could achieve with his music software. He then took up his acoustic violin with another fantastic performance based on the hit ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ by 80s rock band Yes, showing that both the electric and acoustic types of violin could, in the right hands, handle modern music genres as well as old. The rest of the day consisted of full orchestra practices mentored and conducted by Steve, and sectionals where pupils would split into particular instrumental groups to prepare for the ensemble concert at the end of the day. Parents were invited to see the culmination of a full day’s music practice at the tea-time concert, where the children came together as an orchestra playing a Cha Cha & Tango, Clowns, The Pirates of the Aegean and an improvised piece led by Steve where he played a phrase that the young musicians had to play back as an echo. Director of Music at Culford, Peter Burge, who organised the Festival, commented, “This has been another fantastic day of wonderful music making led by the inspirational Steve Bingham. All the pupils performed brilliantly throughout the day, presenting a very polished performance in the final concert. Everyone was won over by Steve’s superb electric violin demonstration where he played an impressive range of music from Telemann to Cold Play.” For more information about Culford School’s next musical events, or for details about music scholarships, please contact the Registrar on 01284 385308 or visit
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